Successes In The Courtroom

Success Stories

Gun and Drug Possession

Mr. Levin’s client was falsely accused of possession of drugs for sales and possession of an illegal firearm. At jury trial, Mr. Levin persuaded the jury that the drugs were being used for personal use and that the gun (found in client’s room) did not belong to the client. The jury came back in less than two hours and found the defendant NOT GUILTY.

Restraining order involving rape allegations

Mr. Levin’s client was being accused of rape and the alleged victim was seeking a restraining order against him. The rape accusation was such that the respondent would shove drugs down the petitioner’s throat and when she fell asleep he would have sex with her. Mr. Levin and his team gathered both video and text message evidence that showed that the alleged victim had spent plenty of time with the respondent after the alleged rapes, and that she would text him letting him know that she was going to sleep. Mr. Levin argued that if she was afraid of him, she wouldn’t have let him know that she was going to sleep, knowing that he had a key to her house. Despite allegations of RAPE, restraining order DENIED.

Criminal case – Possession of Child Porn

Mr. Levin represented a client charged with possession of child porn. While the defendant was found with the porn and admitted it to be his, Mr. Levin and his team found evidence of a learning disability that may have led the defendant to not understanding that he was actually downloading the images to his phone. The client plead guilty. Mr. Levin wrote a sentencing memo and asked the judge for probation, instead of the three years of prison time the DA was asking for. The client received probation and no prison time.

Kidnapping Charge

Mr. Levin’s client was charged with aiding and abetting a child kidnapping. Mr. Levin found evidence that it was the father who was orchestrating the kidnapping, and not the client. Charges were DISMISSED.

Assault and Battery

Mr. Levin represented a man being accused of assault and battery (with a bat) of an elderly man. Mr. Levin had the client take a polygraph which came back in the client’s favor. After much negotiating with the DA, charges were dropped.

Kidnapping and Child Stealing

Mr. Levin’s client was being charged with kidnapping his girlfriend’s kids. The DA filed FOUR felonies. Mr. Levin provided evidence that the client was the kid’s “psychological father,” so the judge dismissed all four felonies at the preliminary hearing.

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Mr. Levin’s client was accused of abusing petitioner’s child. Mr. Levin showed evidence that the petitioner had an axe to grind because of a shared (back and forth) girlfriend. Restraining order DENIED.